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Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions - Answered By TruRenew Clean

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, TruRenew Clean isn't just another company - we're the cleaning solution. Besides expert cleaning care, we also offer our clients important information about the industry, including answering any questions that you may have.

My Pet Had An Accident On My New Carpet! Can You Help?

Part of pet ownership is dealing with their accidents, and our crew is well-versed in how to handle the situation. We can make your carpet as good as new with treatments like steam carpet cleaning and pet odor treatments.

Do You Work With Commercial Clients?

At TruRenew Clean, we're proud to be a top choice for carpet cleaning among residential and commercial property owners in the area. When your commercial facility needs the service we offer, contact us immediately for a free consultation and superior cleaning services.

How Can I Restore The Original Shine Of My Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors can provide you with decades of high performance as long as you do your part by taking care of them throughout the years. Our team offers outstanding wood floor cleaning that helps protect the beauty, shine, and integrity of your hardwood flooring.

Can't I Just Wash My Drapes In The Laundry?

Your drapes are an investment, just like any form of window treatment. It's critical that you take proper care of them, and that includes avoiding making mistakes that could cause further damage - like putting them in a washing machine. Contact TruRenew Clean to arrange for professional drapery cleaning services.

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