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Drapery cleaning

Your Fort Lauderdale home is your most important investment, so the details are crucial - including window treatments. Once you've carefully selected the right treatments, then you need to think about professional drapery cleaning, and that's where TruRenew Clean comes into the picture. Although we've gained recognition as a top resource for Fort Lauderdale carpet cleaning, our drapery cleaning services are just as impeccable.

Our expert drapery cleaning is ideal for keeping your window treatments looking good, odor-free, and long-lasting. When was the last time that you bothered to have your curtains or drapes cleaned?

Too many homeowners think the occasional surface vacuuming is enough to do the job. However, for the integrity of your window dressings, make it a point to schedule a more thorough cleaning with our industry specialists.

What's Getting Into Your Drapes?

The point of choosing the perfect window treatments is so they can give you years of enjoyment and beauty. The right curtains or drapes can even offer better windows insulation to help you keep your home's temperature comfortable and optimize energy-efficiency.

However, like carpet cleaning, drapery cleaning helps improve the look and condition of your window coverings by ridding it of:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Smoke
  • Pet Dander

You can't keep a safe, healthy, and clean household without paying special attention to the drapes. Our professional-grade cleaning is an ideal way to ensure that you're getting the level of clean that you need for your draperies and home in general.

Protecting Your Draperies With Professional Cleaning

Vacuuming your rugs is great. It's something that you have to do once or twice a week to keep your floors clean. But even then, you need steam carpet cleaning to get a deep clean every so often.

So what are you doing for your draperies to get the same type of cleaning? You can't ignore the need for regular cleaning once your drapes are installed or you'll be allowing allergens, dust, and other contaminants to linger in your home. For optimal level service when it comes to your drapery cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, contact TruRenew Clean right away.

We'll be happy to work with you to provide superior service, starting with your free estimate. Get in touch with us now and be on your way to a healthier and happier home. There's no room for dirt, grime, or bacteria in your home, and airborne contaminants can cling to fabrics. But they're no match for our thorough cleaning service.

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